Have you ever Said To Yourself . . .

"I used to be in shape. How did I get here?"

"I'm not stepping on that scale!"

"My back hurts. I need to wait for that to get better before starting anything."

"I'll start next Monday . . . er . . . actually, I'll start after my vacation."

How will I get myself "un-stuck?"

What nutrition program is right for me?

Do you have a gym membership, but can’t remember the last time you made any progress (or showed up)? I’m Sam Ritchie, and I’ve been there and said ALL of those things. You don’t like what you see in the mirror, you avoid the scale, and you keep telling yourself you’ll take care of your body eventually.

While in college, I lived a fairly active lifestyle going on hikes, playing in the intramural volleyball league on campus, and going snowboarding, but never specifically trained for anything.

After a hard breakup, I took up long-distance running to help cope with overwhelming emotions. I developed a love for running and fitness. I found CrossFit unexpectedly and immediately loved it. Right away seeing how the community embraced me and made me feel welcome. I knew my true passion was to coach others.

I love being a CrossFit coach because it allows me to help others see their true potential even when they can’t see it themselves. I love sharing the excitement of seeing our members reach their goals and living their best life! 

How long are you willing to wait?

We believe that when you feel strong, capable, and confident, you live a better life.

We do this by focusing on your results, education, and building a strong community of people to support you. Our structured classes led by expert coaches for all fitness levels help you get the results you have been looking for. We know how frustrating it can be trying to lose weight or gain muscle. We have helped hundreds of local residents reach their fitness goals just like you! From elite-level athletes who want to be the best at their sport to grandparents who are trying to keep up with their grandchildren. We have a program just right for you. Together we will work hard, laugh, and reach your goals.

The Gym

This is where you’ll get coaching on exercise and nutrition, with different workouts hitting every part of your body during our 60-minute classes. You’ll be surrounded by amazing people who motivate you to get better every day, and help you do things you never thought you were capable of.

results-based coaching

Want to get strong?

Lose weight?

Kickstart your fitness journey?

Results-based coaching is the best place to start. You’ll have a team of coaches dedicated to helping you achieve YOUR specific goals. If you want results, you don’t need a cheerleader, you need a real coach!