Childcare Hours:
9:30 a.m.  – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

10 a.m. – Saturday

$5- Drop-in per kid
$40/month- unlimited family
$40- 10-class punch card

The fee ensures our children’s room is supervised, cleaned and well stocked with the supplies we regularly use. We look forward to seeing you and your kids in the gym!

* Sign up your child in MindBody before dropping them off. There is a maximum of 8 children at a time. If you’re having trouble, just contact a staff member.

We want parents of young children to be able to work out. This helps moms and dads destress, get healthier, become stronger, and be much better parents after an hour away!

Let your children play in a safe environment while you get your workout in. The children’s room will be available for use during supervised and unsupervised hours. Children older than 5 are welcome to read, draw, or watch the iPad in the children’s room without a supervised attendee present (You are in the room next door and can easily see your child.)

During supervised hours, we ask that children be at least 3 months of age and be healthy without current sickness. If your child is younger than 3 months talk to us first.  We still want you to work out.

* If your child is in the room while an attendant is there, you will be charged a Drop-in fee.


* Please talk to your children about: Not entering the training floor during class times (super important for their safety). Being nice to other kids in the room, and cleaning up when finished. If possible, please feed your kids prior to entering the children’s room. That way we don’t have jealousy and crumbs left behind.  Baby bottles are OK if they help prevent breakdowns. If your kids are in the room during unsupervised hours, parents need to make sure the childcare room is cleaned after usage.