Workout of the Day

Monday, Aug. 7

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4 rounds of:
In 5 min., complete:
400-m Run
400-m Row
Max reps Pull-ups in the remaining time.

Rest 1 min between each round.

(Each meter on run and row count as a rep)

Saturday, Aug. 5

California’s Kirsten Pedri during Assault Banger at the 2017 CrossFit Games

2:00 Partner Sit-Up

Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans
Farmers Hold
Waiters Hold

600-meter Waiters Carry

Burpee Box Jumps

*Reps will be Determined by team

Friday, August 4

Tennil Reed during the Obstacle Course at the CrossFit Games

For time:
400-m Run
10 1-arm Dumbbell OHS (45/25 lb.)
300-m Run
20 Pull-ups
200-m Run
30 1-Arm Dumbbell OHS (45/25 lb.)
100-m Run
40 Pull-ups

Thursday, Aug. 3

The CrossFit Games start today! Click here to find out how to watch.

Strict Knees to Elbows

Strict Toes-to-Bar


7 Min AMRAP of:
2 Wall Walks
7 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean (45/25’s)
14-calorie Row

Tuesday, Aug. 1

CrossFit Aptos Teens at Terra Prana Farms

15-min. AMRAP of:
3 Med-Ball Strict Pull ups (20/14 lb.)
6 Med-Ball Lunge (20/14 lb.)
9 Med-Ball Sit up (20/14 lb.)
12 Wall-ball shots (20/14 lb.)
100-meter Med-Ball Run (20/14 lb.)