Nicole Peyton

Tuesday, Nov. 28

Early morning class gettin’ it done. 

3 rounds of:
9 Thrusters (135/85 lb.)
21 Sit-ups


10-min. Plank Hold

*Start out with 10,000 Meters. Every time you break the plank, you get 30 seconds rest and subtract 1,000 meters from your total.

*Plank on your toes and elbows only and no break in the hips!

Thursday, Nov. 23

Happy Thanksgiving! 

5-min. AMRAP of:
Overhead Plate Lunges

5-min. AMRAP

5-min. AMRAP of:
Ball Throw Sit-ups

5-min. AMRAP of:
Kettlebell Swings

5-min. AMRAP of:
Shuttle Sprints

5-min. AMRAP of:
Plate Burpees

Wednesday, Nov. 22

Fun with the agility ladder. 

4 rounds of:
2:00 Row
2:00 Bear Complex
2:00 Rest

Load decreases each round
Men – 135 – 115 – 95 – 65 lb.
Women – 85 – 75 – 65 – 55 lb.

*100 meters will be added to your score for every round on the Bear that is completed. Partial rounds will not count.