Change the Lives of Your Friends and Loved Ones and Save!

The next cycle of Foundations classes starts April 10 and runs every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 a.m. until May 1. In addition, Private Foundations are available for any one getting started that can’t make the April schedule—email us at .

Change the lives of your friends and loved ones by referring them to CrossFit Aptos and you’ll save 20 percent off the next month’s membership when they join.

We’ve all had our lives changed through CrossFit and many of us were hesitant to start in the beginning. The hardest part is getting skeptical people in the door but after that, the program and results speak for themselves! Below are some inspirational stories you can share with people in your life who would benefit from making a lifestyle change with CrossFit Aptos.

Finding Themselves Through Fitness

Changing Course

And Fitness for Life

Open to Open: Benchmark and Beyond

Off the Leaderboard, In the Open

The Silent 17.1